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Green is a global, decentralized network of nodes that invert AC electricity into BC (Blockchain Current) using a proprietary blockchain protocol called Proof of Power. Green provides an energy efficient alternative to traditional blockchain mining. Green Nodes provide the energy needed to support the blockchain and are compensated in GREEN, the native ERC20 digital reward of the Green blockchain. The Green blockchain is a novel public blockchain built from the ground up to incentivize the contribution of low cost and renewable energy to support the blockchain.

Today, the Green blockchain, and its thousands of active nodes, invert and contribute the power required each day to confirm thousands of energy transfer transactions on the blockchain.

This documentation provides details on the novel technology that underpins Green, as well as how to earn GREEN, using a variety of connected devices. Our community has published this documentation to educate node operators and to inspire future development and innovation on the Green blockchain.

Green Blockchain

The Green Blockchain is a novel ERC20 blockchain built from the ground up to incentivize the contribution of low-cost, renewable energy to support the global expansion of the blockchain.

Earn Green Rewards

Green blockchain is operated by thousands of individual node owners around the world. Node owners contribute low-cost or renewable energy to power the Green blockchain. Node operators are compensated in GREEN, the native ERC20 digital reward of the Green blockchain.

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Green is the first carbon negative network designed to incentivize and reward smart energy contributions to power the blockchain.

In July 2014, early blockchain pioneers recognized the long-term environmental impact of the expansion of blockchain mining around the globe. They imagined a smarter, better way to build the first carbon negative blockchain. Today, more than 5,000 active green smart nodes contribute low-cost and renewable energy to power the Green blockchain. Green is the first blockchain to reward and incentivize the adoption of renewable energy production by individuals, corporations, municipalities and nations.

The Green blockchain is pioneering even better ways to incentivize renewable energy sources. In 2017, the community created the Green Solar initiative enabling users of GREEN to reduce the overall cost of ownership of advanced solar power systems. The community is committed to building an eco-minded network by rewarding sensible energy production and consumption.

Energy Efficient

The Green Blockchain is a novel energy efficient blockchain designed to reduce the overall environmental impact of the global expansion of the blockchain. By leveraging a proprietary protocol called “Proof-of-Power”, the Green blockchain measures energy contributions by node operators around the globe to ensure a carbon neutral footprint.

Carbon Negative

The Green community is partnering with energy producers and innovators around the globe to offer community members special incentives to install and operate renewable energy power generators such as wind, solar and hydro electric systems.

Green Pioneers

Green was imagined by a community of dedicated blockchain pioneers in July 2014.
Wright W. Thurston

Wright Thurston lives at the intersection of business innovation and technology disruption. Wright contributes his exhaustive experience in selling home automation, renewable energies, solar, and wireless security to bear in his efforts to popularize the blockchain for the betterment of humanity. Wright holds patents in several blockchain technologies, and is the founding contributor of multiple blockchain projects.

In 2007, Wright developed a new channel sales model and compensation plan to leverage the expansion of in-home digital services that were becoming available to consumers. By recasting subscription revenue from security monitoring contracts and bundling in other digital services at a premium, Wright introduced a residual payment plan that elevated itinerant sales reps to trusted technology account managers. His new compensation plan introduced accountability and long-term relationship management in-home sales industry and paved the way for how digital services are sold and managed today.

In 2002, Wright invents new pricing and provisioning options to leverage the technological innovations that were already changing the residential security system sales, installation, and monitoring industry. Decreased equipment costs resulting from the switch from wired to cellular alarm system technology, combined with his new pricing model, allowed Wright to offer security solutions to previously underserved middle-income and low-income homeowners. His efforts paid off as these new markets propelled Firstline, Wright’s security sales company, to $100MM in revenue generated from over 200,000 subscribers. By the time he stepped down as CEO in 2007, Firstline had trained and deployed 20,000 sales representatives, generated 300,000 subscriber accounts, and was recognized as the 5th largest security sales company in America.

In 1996, Wright introduces a radical direct-to-consumer sales model to the relatively new, yet rapidly expanding retail cellular phone industry. Through his own sales training and management method, Wright built a force of over 2000 independent sales representatives that cumulatively originated over 20,000 subscriber accounts over only 4 years. Wright sold the company, name Future Phones, to OmniServe in 2001. He was 24 years old.

Steve Waters

As a professional mentor and business consultant, Steve has spent the last two decades guiding global brands, market leaders, and top-tier influencers like New York Times Best Selling Authors Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen, Mark MacDonald, and Harv T Eker, to a fuller monetization of their respective visions.
Steve’s passion for innovation and eye for new opportunity led him to substantially invest his time and talents into blockchain technology when it was still in its infancy. For 5 years he has worked along side other early pioneers, always with the objective of finding the best way to allow everyday people to maximize the financial promise of the blockchain.

Steve’s efforts paid off with the formation of GALA games, a blockchain innovator that pairs mobile gaming with crypto currency mining. Through Gala, and along with executives from Zinga games (FarmVille, & Words with Friends), Steve has created one of the earliest, most successful, and most widely available monetization models involving the blockchain.

Steven Michael Miller

Stephen Michael Miller is passionate about enabling you to live a better more productive life. As an international speaker, Stephen has shared the stage with the likes of Dan Clark, Les Brown, Craig Duswalt, Marshall Sylver and other world authorities in the field of personal and professional development, real estate acquisition and investing, and blockchain technology. As an internationally renowned radio personality, Stephen regularly interviewed global thought leaders on the Strongbrook, his weekly radio show.

Jennifer Miller

Since 2016 Jennifer has been lead the finance team as the controller and owner of profit forecasting. Jennifer’s expertise in expense forecasting, sales reporting and cash management was instrumental in taking Firstline to the Inc. 500 in 2007. Since her graduation from Brigham Young in 2003 in Business Management, Jennifer worked as a controller in alarm, solar and crypto mining industries operations.

Brant Frank

Brant codes for a future that only blockchain can provide. As a Jedi Developer and Engineer, Brant has spanned the spectrum from small to large development teams over multiple development languages. Brant has contributed to several blockchain software development projects and has quickly earned the title the respect and admiration among those in the know.

Aly Austin

Aly Austin wants you to get on board or get out of the way. Aly cut her teeth working sales operations for brands like Apple and AT&T. For 15 years she has excelled at finding operational answers to revenue problems, and is comfortable working simultaneously with sales and operations teams on global, multimillion dollar projects. Aly has been involved in the blockchain for several years, guiding both sales and development efforts through her unique and dynamic approach.

Marcus Patterson

Marcus Patterson has found his purpose in Connect, and thinks you can find it there, too. Whether he’s coaching Olympic hopefuls or coding for Ancestry.com, Marcus Patterson brings Zen to everything he does. As a marketing consultant for best selling authors like Robert G. Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, and Mark Victor Hansen, Marcus turned complex concepts into digestible, compelling messages that moved the sales meter. Marcus brings all his marketing, coding, team leading, and coaching experience to bear in his sales and marketing leadership role at CONNECT.

Bryan Ferre

For over 20 years Bryan has been helping companies breakthrough. Every “big” begins with a question… why? Today, Bryan contributes to the meaning and purpose of the blockchain. A visionary who is committed to an evolutionary change where technology makes real lasting impact on the world. Bryan is an expert at helping people discover and articulate their authentic why. His work focuses on building deep, meaningful relationships through effective communications, thoughtful interactions and authentic purpose.

Bryan has been fortunate enough to work with creative business people. His work spans small and medium-sized businesses to global, multi-national corporations and industry giants. In 2020, Bryan made a decision to focus all his time and telent contributing to blockhains with apurpose. =

My core beliefs creating purpose driven blockchains have come from my work with some of the brightest minds in the business world.

Bryan often says that he is most proud of the opportunity to serve. He has always believed to those who much has been given, much is expected. Bryan has been privileged to work with inspiring philanthropists and charitable organizations throughout his career. Bryan worked passionately as a full-time missionary and gained valuable insights from all of the service opportunities in his life.

Bryan graduated with honors from Collins College in 1991. In 2019, Bryan earned a Bachelors degree in hollistic health and is currently working on his PhD.

Earn Green

Green Smart Nodes are compensated in GREEN for contributing low-cost and renewable energy to support the blockchain.

History + Evolution

We imagine a world where every family around the globe can support and contribute to the expansion and evolution of the Green blockchain. In July 2014, our community began the design and development of what would ultimately become the world’s first carbon negative blockchain. Today, thousands of Green nodes contribute low-cost and renewable energy to support blockchain functions around the world.

  • July 2014
    A community of solar pioneers and innovative developers conceived of The Green Blockchain and proprietary Blockchain Current Battery.
  • July 2015
    Proof of concept begins tracking energy usage in Bitcoin miners combined with solar power. Preliminary patent research and engineering files were developed by community leaders in cooperation with international legal team.
  • July 2016
    Additional testing across a wide network of community participants. The community completes the ALPHA phase of the software development. The community continued work toward international patent filings.
  • July 2017
    Developed solutions for tracking energy usage, integration across mining pools and gathering data and analytics. Green Smart Node begins development with a full-time team of engineers and developers. Residential and The Green Box Pro commercial mobile data centers begin deployment. The first deployments of the Green Inverter and Battery is tested on Bitcoin miners as part of the proof of concept.
  • July 2018 (20k + Nodes Activated)
    July 4, 2018 GREEN is launched in BETA. Green BETA deployments enable users to connect to a variety of hardware miners and servers. GREEN is able to connect to multiple blockchains to provide confirmations on the blockchain. GREEN is beginning to be decentralized around the world. Distributions daily begin as the Green community expands around the world. Green is connected to the first residential solar system.
  • July 2019 (40k + Nodes Activated)
    The Green decentralized community swells to more than 42,000 smart nodes with decentralized community operations and development. Green Smart Node 2.0 is released featuring applications for Mac OS, Linux or Windows operating systems. Green Smart Node can be operated on virtually any device. Green PowerPay introduced in 2019 making it possible to automatically pay hosting and utility bills using crypto.
  • July 2020 (50k + Nodes Activated)
    The Green decentralized community swells to more than 52,000 smart nodes with decentralized community operations and development. Green Smart Node 2.0 is released featuring applications for Mac OS, Linux or Windows operating systems. Green Smart Node can be operated on virtually any device. The Green Battery is decentralized around the world. Green blockchain begins development of Green NFT Rewards, Boost Rewards, Hodl Rewards, and Flow Rewards.
  • July 2021 (55k + Nodes Activated)
    The Green decentralized community expands to more than 50 countries around the world. PowerPay is beginning to integrate with more than 7,000 utility providers around the world. Green Solar is launched offering Solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers with complete Green BC Battery integration. Light Share donations begin as the Green community begins donating FREE electricity to families in need around the world.